The combs of the north face and the top of Mont Ventoux (1910 m)

Access : Malaucène to follow the direction of Mont Serein, cross the station and park near the campsite.

Departure : Parking near the campsite Mont Serein, 1413 meters.

Slope and walk time : 500 meters, 3 hours 30 minutes to go to the top of Mont Ventoux and 1 hour and 30 minutes for the descent, or 5 hours of walking (without pause).

Parking, take the forest road and follow the direction of GR 9. This trail meanders amidst beech and crosses many combes, including the imposing of combe Fonfiole (photo 1 below), where chamois who settled in this mountain since the early 80.
After 1h15 of walk in balcony path, you reach Serres Gros, where you turn and climb for 45 minutes to reach the Head of the Grave (1645 m) and GR 4.
The path follows the ridge through the neck of the Storm, to the summit of Mont Ventoux (1912 m) that will be reached in 1h30. Strange rows of red and blue poles, a remnant of the military presence, marking the peak almost naked to a shelf located just before the storm collar (photo 2 below the top prize).
Attention, the rise on the crest may be difficult days of strong Mistral.
For the descent, take the GR 4, whose beautiful laces regular wind through a forest of spruce and beech. Midway, a verging yaw of the combe Fonfiole, offering a view on this huge pierrier.
After 1 hour 15 minutes, you will find the GR 9 borrowed from the outward and return to parking will be 15 minutes.

The arrival in the Fonfiole combe
1-The arrival in the Fonfiole combe
The ridge and the neck of storms
2-The ridge and the neck of storms

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